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Household Storage

There are many reasons for needing storage and sometimes it’s when you least expect it.
-Your home sold quickly requiring a downsize to a small apartment
- A life event adds new possessions without enough room at home to store them
Whatever the reason, you can count on Securlock to assist you with finding the right solution. From an entire furnished home to one bedroom of belongings, you’ll find the right amount of space you need.

Vehicle Storage

Securlock facilities offer open parking and covered parking. These spaces can accommodate compact cars, boats, trailers, or the new RV you just bought. Some of our customers even store new motorcycles and jet skis. Call or visit our nearest location to discover the options available to you.

Business Solutions

Over the years, many businesses have depended on Securlock. These include landscapers, construction companies, vending services, HVAC companies, sales representatives, and all the way up to large retailers. They’ve been able to store equipment, seasonal inventory, and files – all in close proximity to where they do business. Dentists, lawyers, and accountants have found the temperature control units to be a great choice for maintaining files. The Package Acceptance feature allows for samples, products, and other items to be shipped directly to the Securlock facility without requiring you to be onsite. Some of our facilities even rent out office spaces which are great for startup companies or as a satellite office for your expanding business.

Securlock storage units Securlock storage units

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