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Free Moving Truck

At the time you rent a Securlock storage space, we will provide a free truck to assist with your move in. Save the expense of movers and truck rental costs; gather some friends and load up and move in! It is really that simple. If you find the need to use the truck again during your stay with us, to move in additional items, or even when moving out, you can rent our truck at very affordable rates. Call the store nearest you for details and exceptions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time during your stay with Securlock you are not fully satisfied, we will refund up to one month’s rent. The refund will be in the form of a rent credit to your account. Prior to granting the refund, all we ask for is the chance to make it right. In doing so, we’ll investigate and attempt to remedy the issue. Credit will not be issued due to situations out of our control such as inclement weather, power outages, etc.

Military, Fire and Police Department Discounts

Members of our Armed Forces as well as Fire and Police Departments are very special to us and our communities.They’ll be offered a special discount of 10% off the monthly price of any storage space. The discount is good for one year. Simply show your ID and start saving! - Discount applies to new customers only.

Teachers Discount

We recognize the value that all members of the educational system bring to our communities and children. From Kindergarten through the college years these individuals devote their time and efforts to the success of every child. You will receive a 10% discount off the month price of any storage space. This discount is good for one year. Simply show your ID to receive the discount. - Discount applies to new customers only.

50% Off Promotions

The 50% off move in offer refers to 50% off the remainder of the month you move in or 50% off the 1st full month of your rental and is only valid at participating locations. Look for the word "Full" on any of our 50% off promotions to know that you are getting a full month for the number of months offered using this promotion. Availability will vary by the type of unit. Check the store nearest you for this and other specials that they may be offering this month on various sizes. Offer is subject to availability and management discretion.

Referral Credit

Spreading the word to friends and family is a great way to earn extra discounts. Simply refer them to Securlock and when they move in you earn a $25 credit on your next months rent. Your referral will receive a free lock.

Senior Discount

Enjoy a 5% discount off the monthly price of any storage space you need. This discount is good for a maximum of twelve months. - Discount applies to new customers only and cannot be combined with any other discount promotions or specials.

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